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Design & Engineering Solutions

Distribution Design Studio (DDS)

Distribution Design Studio (DDS) is a design and engineering platform that streamlines electric and gas design workflows, reduces design cycle times, and integrates design information with GIS, work management, and other systems. The DDS solution includes structural analysis, electrical analysis, GIS rendering, CAN importing/editing, imager services, GPS/GNSS collection, and mobile tools, all in one package.

DDS Designer

  • Field design capability on tables and phones (iOS and Android) 
  • Support for various types of GPS/GNSS receivers
  • Compatible unit assignment in the office and field
  • Integrated real-time WAAS correction
  • Designs can be created with or without an internet connection

Design Services

  • We provide the workforce and expertise to get your design needs met. 

Utility Design Services (UDS) will execute the design you need while integrating critical information from your GIS and existing systems. All are built to your specific utilities’ standards. We have the experience in the field to survey and input the data you need and the expertise of using our own proprietary Distribution Design Studio our clients already love to bring the right solutions to life. 

Transmission and distribution vegetation management


Forester is a vegetation management planning solution that can be easily configured for various contract types, including time & material, unit-based, and lump sum contracts. Forester’s flexible software allows electric companies to coordinate contractors in the field with managers in the office, saving time and money.

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