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Investor-Owned Utilities

Could each UVM process use improvement? Forester was developed to assist utilities and can be customized to your specific needs. You do not need to change your workflows to fit into the Forester solution; Forester can be configured to assist with how you want to work.

Customized Solutions


During a three-day, on-site workshop, our team works with you to understand your internal processes and configure Forester specifically to your needs. Your input during this process allows us to cater to your utility.


Forester is configured to work with the specific parameters of your utility vegetation program. Determine how your data is collected and utilized in the system. Make changes on the fly as your program evolves.


We will work with you to integrate your utility’s critical systems (e.g. WMS, OMS, CIS, GIS) with Forester through our System Bridge to create a complete solution.


Whether your utility supplies the hardware for your team or your contractors utilize their own, the Forester app can work on all iOS, Android and Windows operating systems. Download the app to your phone or tablet and execute your work immediately.

Take back control of your vegetation management process

Let us show you what our solutions can do for you.

Vegetation Management

Set yourself up for success

Forester will help your utility do away with redundancies and allow you to be more efficient and streamlined in your UVM efforts. Take better control of your assets and ensure you get the most out of your UVM budget.


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