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Co-Ops and Municipalities

Feel like your current UVM processes could use improvement? Forester was developed in collaboration with utilities and is designed to meet your vegetation management needs. Fit Forester into your current workflow to improve productivity and control costs.

Ready-Made Packages

Built for Your Needs

You can start using Forester within days. Our preconfigured software package is designed to work out of the box. Seamlessly communicate between your staff and field crews to effectively tackle your UVM challenges.

Control Costs

Forester improves productivity and controls costs by eliminating the need for paper maps and tickets. Assign work electronically, track productivity, audit crews and complete invoicing within the same system. Visualize your data through included predesigned reports and dashboards.

Make Your Life Easier

Forester makes your life easier by giving you the ability to manage your work plan from beginning to end. Create the work plans using the desktop portal and allow field crews to record work execution utilizing the field mobile application. Forester can be used on any mobile device (iOS, Android & Windows) and on your desktop computer.

Ready-To-Use Packages with TOUGHBOOKS Available

Solve your hardware and software challenges using Forester and Panasonic TOUGHBOOKS holistic solution. Knowing how rigorous working in the field can be, GSI has partnered with Panasonic TOUGHBOOKS and the TOUGHBOOK line of devices to give the users the most durable devices to get them through their workdays.

Get a ready-to-use solution for your vegetation management

Let us show you how you can be up and running in a matter of days

Vegetation Management

Set yourself up for success

Forester will help your utility do away with redundancies and allow you to be more efficient and streamlined in your UVM efforts. Take better control of your assets and ensure you get the most out of your UVM budget.


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