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Take Forester With You

Forester was designed to support your field operations and to help improve the efficiency of your planners and contractors, whether it be on a laptop, tablet or phone. With or without cell service, Forester allows you to access your work plans and record the work performed.

In The Field

Cloud-Based Architecture

Forester is hosted on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform for quick and easy updating and access to your data. Keeping your Forester version up to date allows your group to use new features as soon as they are released.

Operating Systems

Forester is supported on Windows, Android and iOS, allowing for ease of use among individuals and vendors.

Tried & Tested


Knowing how rigorous working in the field can be, GSI has partnered with Panasonic and the TOUGHBOOK line of devices to give users the most durable devices proven to work in extreme conditions.

Co-Ops & Municipalities

Ready-Made Packages

Are you ready to start planning and executing work without a large integration into your other work management efforts? Our ready-made Forester package allows you to configure your specific needs and be up and running in a few short days. For more information, please contact Bizco CMO Danielle Zoz, 402-202-7081, dzoz@bizco.com, or GSI UVM Account Manager Jessica Anundson, 509-844-1057, janundson@gsiworks.com.

Cutting-Edge Integrations

Remote sensing technologies have made an impact on UVM efforts and are being used to transition to a targeted, condition-based program in the field.

LiDAR collection is a useful tool to identify trees that pose a danger to Utility lines. Forester can ingest those data points, visualize the data collected and create actionable work items for the users.
Use your satellite imagery and subsequent analysis to identify tree species, preplan your work items, and monitor the health of the vegetation. Incorporate that analysis into Forester to improve your work processes.
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Take comfort in our knowledge

Forester will help your utility do away with redundancies and allow you to be more efficient and streamlined in your UVM efforts. As a result, you can take better control of your assets and ensure you get the most out of your VM budget.


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